10+ Teepa Snow videos on dementia basics


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I wish I had known about dementia care pioneer Teepa Snow and her practical tools and techniques 10 years ago. But I didn’t.

I’m glad I do now and that I’m able to share her wisdom with people who are starting or who are in the midst of or even at the end of their care partnering journey. We all need all the help we can get and Teepa’s tools and tips are spot on. I created this list to enable myself and you to access her videos in sequence. Enjoy the learning. Even better, put it into practice!


What is Dementia?

The Ten Early Signs of Dementia

7 Elements of A Proper Dementia Diagnosis

6 GEMS(TM)  outshine every stage from the inside out



7 dementia care basics from Teepa Snow

5 top dementia care tips from Teepa Snow

10 ways to calm a dementia care crisis

13 expert tips to help with “I want to go home”

10 tips to deal with hallucinations

Hand Under Hand (TM) demo



Making Visits Valuable Part 1: Breathe

Making Visits Valuable Part 2: Senses

Making Visits Valuable Part 3: Taste and Pills

Making Visits Valuable Part 4: It Starts With You

Making Visits Valuable Part 5: Movement and rhythm of speech

Making Visits Valuable Part 6: The Promise, Take Me Home, Things go Missing


You may also purchase Teepa Snow’s DVDs here.

Dementia care pioneer Teepa Snow’s website.

More Teepa Snow on MyAlzheimersStory.

Teepa Snow demos 10 ways to calm a crisis with a person living with Alzheimer’s / dementia

7 dementia care basics from Teepa Snow

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  1. I have seen one of Teepa’s presentations on video previously. Because of your links I just watched 4 more and will finish the rest tomorrow. I am amazed at how much better I would have done with Gregory if I had seen these 5-10 years ago (if I would have been ready to listen that is. Sometimes hindsight is easy.) I am amazed at how to the point she is, how practical, how “right on!” While Dementia/Alzheimer’s is never easy, she shows that it does’t have to be as hard as we make it for ourselves as caregivers and loved ones of people with Dementia/Alzheimer’s!

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