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7 elements of a proper dementia diagnosis (with Teepa Snow)

Teepa get a proper diagnosisMany people live with Alzheimer’s without realizing it.

When you ignore the signs, you’re also putting your health at risk. It’s important to get a proper diagnosis for either you or even a loved one.

I’ve been tested and have had one follow up so far. I blogged about the process here and here.

Positive approach to dementia care pioneer Teepa Snow outlines the key elements of a good evaluation:

1) Complete history

Including physical, medical and psychological aspects of the person who is being evaluated.

2) Separate interview rooms

One for you. One for the person who has dementia. Why? So you can be truthful and not get “in trouble” with your loved one. AND it’s more respectful to them! I wish I had been more insistent on this in doctors’ appointments with Mom…

As Teepa says in the video: “You should never be asked to report on the person in front of the person.” If possible, discuss this with the doctor’s office in advance and be clear on your wishes. The same applies to social workers and other professionals.

3) Thorough medical exam

4) Imaging study

5) Complete medication review

6) Neuropsychological testing

7) Follow-up

Watch the video for details (see disclaimer):