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I blog on Mondays and Thursdays with relevant news, personal stories, practical tips, inspiring videos, provocative opinions, powerful poetry and other random stuff designed to help, support, and create better life experiences for people with dementia and people who care for people who live with dementia at home, in the community and in “institutional environments.

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I want to share what I’ve learned with you to make your journey easier and to help change the way we care for people who live with dementia – together we can do better.

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24 thoughts on “Subscribe”

  1. I just love to be educated by your post, I have a talk radio show called Caregiver’s and Community Connection in Chattanooga Tennessee that air’s each and every sunday on Groove 93.5fm from 12:30pm to 1:30pm est, you can listen on Groove this Sunday I will be de cussing Alzheimer Disease, and our walk for Alzheimer is September 19th 2015, and our call in number is 423-642-9393 I which you could call in this Sunday with some tips for our caregiver’s that’s taking care of love one suffering with Alzheimer Disease. My cell number is 423-488-8667 if you would like to do it just reach out to me! We would love to hear from you!


    1. I will call you on your cell tomorrow Sharon. I have something on Sunday morning, but I may be finished in time to call in between 12:30 and 13:30. Fingers crossed! Thanks for reaching out, Susan


  2. Dear Susan, Thank you so much for the information you are providing. My husband, who is only 72, has Lewy Body Dementia and I too had to fight to keep him from being over-medicated. When I think of the nightmare that so many Alzheimer and Dementia patients are going through it breaks my heart. Please tell me how I can help you to further your cause. We are all up against the powerful and greedy drug companies who stand to profit by keeping our loved ones on their drugs. Thank you again, Carolyn


    1. Dear Carolyn, so sorry about your husband 😦 Good for you for fighting against over-medication. The best ways to help me would be to:

      1) write this same comment in the comments for the article about Risperdal
      2) follow my blog (which you probably already have)
      3) keep commenting and sharing your experience
      4) share my posts with others
      5) share your own experiences with others

      And #FightTheGoodFight ❤


  3. My grandmother died of Alzzheimers and now my dad has it and is 74. He was diagnosed about 6 years ago. He still lives alone about 30 minutes from me. His best friend, who is a tremendous help, will be moving out of state in two weeks. So, we have decided to build my dad a tiny house in my back yard. It is going to be an adventure for sure. I helped a lot with my grandma but it will be different with my dad here all the time. He is a perfect candidate for checking in on right now. So, hoping the move goes smooth in a couple months and look forward to following your blog.


    1. Hey Debbie,

      Wow! That’s so cool. I’ve been meaning to write a post about a FB friend who had a workshop for her Dad in her backyard so he could putter and do what he wanted when he wanted. You’ve inspired me to put it closer to the top of my list.

      My friend Mike Good a Together in This has lots of information that might be helpful to you. For example:

      There’s a link on making your home dementia friendly – sounds like it would be of use 🙂

      Keep me posted re how it goes, would love for you to share and thanks for following ❤


      1. Thanks for that link. There were a couple points I hadn’t thought of. It’s going to be a journey for sure. He’s is a big golfer so everything will be gold themed from door knobs, drawer pulls, towel racks,etc. even trying to do a putting green. He’s not very happy everyday when I call him and he asks me what the for sale sign is doing in his yard:(. As trying as it will be, my dad is awesome and so much fun right now and I will enjoy that for as long as it lasts!!


      2. Good for you Debbie 🙂 it sounds like you have an excellent attitude, and one that will serve you well in the days to come.

        Here’s a series of posts from my blog that I would highly recommend to you:

        Also, Mike and I and three other dementia care experts are doing a dementia power training event on November 4. There’s an earlybird price of $47 until October 18; the link is here in case you’re interested:

        I’m a golfer myself, and I love the idea of a putting green 🙂


  4. Hi Susan,
    My Mom has been declining since Sept. 21st. We live in Texas
    And the only way we could get my Mom in memory care is if she went to hospital (ER) who then transferred her to a mental ward.
    She was in first mental home for 7 days of hell. She lost 7 lbs which she could not afford to loose. They heavily sedated her with Resperidol, serequel and depakote and Ativan. She could never raise her head or open her eyes while she was there. Mind you she walked into ER very healthy other than dementia. Finally transferred out of the first mental home to a regular nursing home that was not a lock down unit. She was there 7 days and was kicked out because she roamed and she got out with her alarm bracelet and she was too much trouble for them. She should have never been sent to a regular nursing home. She thought she was helping others in need by taking out their trechs. Etc. From there they transferred her to yet again another Mental ward. This one a little better at least they did not keep her totally sedated. Same drugs. She was set to be transferred to memory care and all sudden she declined rapidly. Truth be known I think they over dosed her by accident. She had that same look as before at first nursing home that she was dying.
    I have been research the meds they have her on and it is just horrific at the side effects they have. Ativan has been recalled and causes dementia but yet they are giving her Ativan. Depakote, law suite. Illegally given to dementia patients and reap idol and Zyprexa same crap. I am trying natural remedies for my Mom. I pray they work. The holipathic Dr.s must be in to something. 8 of them have been murdered since June.


    1. OMG Sherry, that’s just awful. I’m so sorry for you and your mom. I know that sedated look – it breaks my heart to bits 😦

      People who want to be active are often sedated. People need to be active and doing stuff to keep their bodies and minds working. The whole damn thing is tragic beyond words.

      What do you mean about Dr. S and 8 murdered since June?


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