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a field of poppies for heidi’s mom

13874960 - poppies in a field in black and white

We all die in one way or another. Too many in war. Too many in childbirth (still!). Too many too young. But we all die eventually. And we all leave loved ones behind. They key is to keep living until the end, and not to die before we’re dead.

There is beauty in remembering those who have left this place for another, and solace in shared grief. This video speaks to both. I would like to dedicate the video and this post to Heidi Sloss’ mom, who, though she probably didn’t know it, is part of the fabric of this blog. Heidi supported me from the moment she found me, which was early on in the days of Her comments helped me to keep going. Knowing I played a part in Heidi’s and her mom’s Alzheimer’s journey means a lot to me.

Thanks to your mom Heidi, for bringing you to me ❤


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Image credit and copyright: basmeelker / 123RF Stock Photo

2 thoughts on “a field of poppies for heidi’s mom”

  1. Thank you Susan. This video is a lovely piece on remembering and honoring those who have sacrificed and died. I appreciate you and your struggle to be the daughter (and advocate) you strive to be while dealing with all sorts of outside forces that are trying to keep your light from shining. But your shining light and beautiful heart can not be shut out. You are a fierce advocate, wonderful daughter and true beacon for those of us trying to find our way.


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