Get BANGS cards

When people asked me to do lectures and workshops on BANGS, I wanted to help participants retain the information and give them a way to easily refer back to it. I created some “reminder” cards to support the recall process.

These practical four-colour reminder cards are great training, support and discussion tools when combined with the free 50-minute BANGS webinar here. Share the webinar and cards with others and/or use them for training and discussion.

More information about the cards here:

I will send 100 (or more) of these cards to you. All you need to do is make a donation to support my blogging and advocacy work. Suggested donation: USD $100 per 100 cards. Fill out the contact form below and include your name, email address, postal mailing address, postal code or zip code in the comments field. When I receive your details, I will confirm your order and send the PayPal account details for the donation. Once the donation is made, I will mail you the cards. Delivery time is about ten days.

Thanks, Susan

P.S. Remember: the free webinar is here. And YES, it is REALLY free — no strings attached. Getting the cards is totally up to you, but I can tell you that they were a big success in my own workshops, and they might help your participants too. People always ask me for extras for friends and family members.