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Mary Patricia (Patty) Macaulay: Obituary

Mary Patricia (Patty) Eustace Macaulay; September 27, 1928 - August 17, 2016. Pictured here in summer 2011.
Mary Patricia (Patty) Eustace Macaulay; September 27, 1928 – August 17, 2016. Pictured on her back deck summer 2012.


Mary Patricia (Patty) Eustace (married name Macaulay) was born September 27, 1928; she died August 17, 2016, in North Hatley, Quebec, with her daughter Mary Susan by her side. She is also survived by her son Robert Edward (Dominique Séguin), grandchildren Émilie and Nicolas, and her cherished brother, Edward. A devoted mother and grandmother, Patty was proud of her children and even more so of her grandchildren whom she adored. It’s a comfort to know that Patty has gone home to be with her mother Mary Margaret Kell Eustace, her father Edward Stephen Eustace, and her sisters Jean and Leona, all of whom she loved dearly.

Patty was a highly respected realtor who specialized in property on Lake Memphremagog and environs for thirty-five years. She was an avid skier and golfer; she taught the former for several years at Mount Orford, and was a longtime member of the Hermitage Club, where she was twice the Ladies’ Golf Captain.

Beyond being a great mother as well as a successful business and sportswoman, Patty was active in the local community, particularly with respect to environmental issues. She was involved in fundraising for La Providence hospital among a wide variety of other activities. She passionately embraced causes she believed in, and was a formidable advocate. Generally, you didn’t want to mess with her. The epitome of a “people person,” Patty loved to sing and dance and was the life of most parties she attended, including the dozens she hosted at Ives House, her heritage home on the Georgeville Road. She was beloved by many and had a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, and a loyal clientele comprising both regular and famous folk . She collected antiques, relished planting and harvesting her vegetable garden, and enjoyed swimming in the lake. She was beautiful, stylish and fun. She also baked a mean blueberry muffin.

Living with Alzheimer’s disease did not diminish Patty’s fierce spirit. She was a force to be reckoned with, and she maintained her “let’s get going” attitude and natural ability to connect with others in meaningful ways despite her dementia. She made the most of her circumstances, whatever they happened to be, and inspired others with her courage and determination. Supported by those who cared deeply for her, she lived a full, vibrant, engaged and rich life until the day before her last breath.

Patty made a difference in this world, and impacted the lives of countless people. She will be missed by those who love her. If you feel inclined to honour Patty with a financial contribution of some kind, please give to the Alzheimer’s Society (Canada)Alzheimer’s Association (USA), Alzheimer’s Society (UK)  in her name and mine rather than to a private foundation. Thank you.

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22 thoughts on “Mary Patricia (Patty) Macaulay: Obituary”

    1. Thanks so much Michael, and I’m tracking your ongoing successes with the film and public speaking engagements and all you are doing to also make a difference in the world. Thank you thank you thank you. Let’s turn tragedy into triumph ❤


  1. So touching, sentimental and beautiful in every way.

    My heart weeps with you my dear friend, and for us all who lose those who we love so grandly – I have to also mention, after sharing with you my experience earlier this week, that my mums name was Patricia!!!!!

    We have so so much in common.

    Your gorgeous mother would have been so very proud of you Susan, and I am sure one of those shining stars in the night sky is your ma sparkling down on you forever.



      1. Hilarious – you have made my day- and to both Patricia’s, they will be in our hearts forever.


  2. My sincerest condolences Susan. That was a beautiful tribute to your mom. Prayers for strength, comfort and peace in the difficult days ahead. May your beautiful mama, rest in peace ❤


  3. Amazing mother. Amazing daughter. Thanks for sharing her with all of us. Your stories inspire the world! Keep making a difference in the lives of others.


  4. What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Susan. Now I feel I know her much better, beyond the sacred relationship you shared. It’s amazing how each of us in on a unique journey, with the ability to touch so many lives. You painted a wonderful picture of a dynamic, outgoing woman whose life was measured by her inimitable style. I wish I had known her! And I’m sorry for your loss.


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, which exactly captured my mom’s nature: “a dynamic, outgoing woman his life was measured by her inimitable style.”

      She was a cracker, no doubt about it 🙂 I will miss her, but I know she’s not far.


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