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the little things are actually everything

You know how some people just seem to have something special about them? Something that makes you smile and feel good? The Cole/Croft family is like that. They make people happy by sharing their stories of love and gratitude.

When Sophie and Olen Croft welcomed son Joseph into the world in October 2016, they weren’t sure what kind of role Lisa Croft, Olen’s mother and Sophie’s mother-in-law, might play in Joseph’s life. Lisa, who was 54 when Joseph was born, lives with frontotemporal dementia (FTD). But it turns out things are going just fine as Sophie Croft shares in this uplifting message about spending time with Lisa, Joseph and Olen:

The little things? The little moments? They aren’t so little.

Today, we checked the mail 10 times, even though it’s Sunday, and there’s no mail delivery on Sundays. Seeing Lisa pushing her grandson up and down the driveway with such a big smile makes my heart melt. People take things for granted, like a grandparent loving their grandbaby. For us, it’s not that simple.

Lisa knows that Joseph is her grandson and she is his grandma, but she has a different bond with him. She doesn’t get to babysit. She doesn’t get to really watch him grow. She doesn’t get to be the grandma everyone else does.

Joseph and Lisa Croft on their way to collect the Sunday mail.

But Lisa loves Joseph more than anything, she plays with him, even if it’s for a minute at a time, she talks to him, she calms him down, she spoils him with kisses. I would do anything for Lisa to be “herself” again, but since I can’t do that, I will cherish every second with her, and take photos, and laugh at the craziness. I will check the mail 10 times more, if that means I get to see her smile.

Never take anyone to granted. And always remember, the little moments, they aren’t so little.

Read more about Lisa and one of her best friends Alice Cole, who is Sophie’s sister here. Alice’s words are accompanied by joyful pics of her and her BFF. You’ll be grateful you clicked on the link.

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