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my wild irish rose


St. Patrick’s Day was a special day for Mom, not just because she loved Irish music, but because she was named Patricia, partly in honour of St. Patrick. This post is to honour her, her love of music, her love of all things Irish, and her joyful spirit–she was the life of the party for most of her time here.

The two-minute video also contains a powerful message with respect to the inappropriate use of antipsychotic medication to chemically restrain people who live with dementia. I hope you take a moment to reflect on the message, and even better to take action! I also invite you to compare Mom’s demeanour in this video, which I recorded in June 2014, with the one I took less than two years prior in March 2012 as she was getting ready to go to the Georgeville Neighbours’ Lunch.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2017. (P.S. 40 Seroquel side effects) 

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2 thoughts on “my wild irish rose”

  1. I watched both videos, Susan. It is just heartbreaking the difference between the two. I wonder how responsive she would have been if not on the meds that were prescribed for her. Two years for a patient with Alzheimer’s can make a huge difference but she may have been a lot more ‘with it’ without those drugs. Just sad—and the truth is, you will never know what that difference might have been. xo Diana


    1. I have no doubt whatsoever that the difference would have been huge Diana. I could easily see the difference in her eyes when she was medicated and not (sometimes she spit the pills out), and even within one day the difference was massive. I have so much more to show and tell. Stay tuned and thanks for your support XOX


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