a poetic invitation to “rewriting alzheimer” at walk with me 2018

Dear subscriber, sorry that you received this post notification by email, it was a mistake. I’m trying to figure out how to turn off  Notifications, but clearly I failed this time!

Anyway, so you have some background to the poem is you’re already here, I’m submitting to the Walk with Me 2018 : Changing the Culture of Care in Canada conference to do a session on using poetry as an advocacy and care tool.

As part of the submission, I created this poem to invite people to come to my session.

rewriting alzheimer: a poetic invitation

this workshop is for anyone
who wants to feel more joy
to dance and sing round in a ring
with words they dare employ

my mission is to show you how
to know that “yes you can!”
create a poem from nothing more
than several grains of sand

you think you can’t? oh no you shan’t
rain on this parade
please take the citrus in your life
and make some lemonade

join me for the tears and fun
we’ll cry and laugh together
then in the end, we’ll write and send
poems cut from kid glove leather

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