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alzheimer’s speaks’ lori la bey and i agree on the beauty of dementia

It’s hard for many people to believe any good can come from dementia, but those of us who have experienced transformation during the process of being a care partner to someone who lives with dementia know it to be true, and are immensely grateful for the rare gift we’ve received.

Fellow advocate Lori La Bey and I both experienced a kind of spiritual awakening during our time as care partners to our mothers. We touched on what that deep connection felt like to us when I was a guest on her popular online show AlzheimersSpeaksRadio.

Here’s a two-minute clip related to that part of our conversation:

During the hour-long show, we also talked about family dynamics, antipsychotic medications, transforming perspectives, and my BANGS model to help stop anxiety and aggression (watch the free BANGS webinar here).

Listen to the full show here.

More AlzheimersSpeaksRadio here, and more on Lori and her work here.

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