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they took away his cutlery and gave him drumsticks – he loved it!

Yes, there are solutions to addressing situations and behaviour that care partners and care workers find challenging. In most cases finding a solution involves thinking out of the box, which is what the staff at this gentleman’s care home did. He wanted to tap and clap, which people around found disturbing. Staff were stumped initially, but then they came up with an innovative solution as shown in the video below.

Here’s the explanation behind the video, which I found on the Center for Applied Dementia Research’s Facebook page:

This is an outstanding application of a “Responsive Behavior” Assessment. Our partners at Mt. Bachelor Memory Care sent us this video with the following message: “This individual has a habit of clapping his hands or rapidly tapping silverware on the table. Staff were making him wear gloves and taking his silverware away and replacing it with plastic, this caused him to disengage. I worked with the team using the form and this is what we came up.” [Shared with permission]

The innovative team at Mt. Bachelor looked at an individual’s behavior, understood it as a response to a need, and found an alternative to meet that need which is appropriate and meaningful. Rather than allowing the person to retreat or disconnect, they adapted the environment to everyone’s benefit. Well done!

Frontier Management‘s Mt. Bachelor Memory Care is a Gold Credentialed Montessori Inspired Lifestyle Community in Bend, OR. The commitment and care shown here demonstrates why they deserve that award.

The “form” they refer to above was developed by the Center for Applied Dementia Research, and is part of their training in the Montessori approach to dementia care.

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