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two quick dementia care conversation tips from dr. al power

I highly recommend Dr. Allen Power’s two books Dementia Beyond Drugs, and Dementia Beyond Disease for care partners and care workers who want to deepen their understanding of how to best engage and support people living with dementia.

The books aren’t cheap. BUT, they are excellent value: full of real-life stories, tips, perspectives, new ways of thinking,  and good, solid, practical care giving advice. I reference them all the time.

I was delighted to chat briefly with Al via Zoom about two ways to foster rich and enjoyable conversations with people living with dementia at any stage. Essentially, they boil down to:

  1.  reframe questions as statements
  2.  offer choices in a variety of ways depending on the person

Watch the video for more:

More from Dr. Power and Dementia Beyond Disease here:

10 pieces of wisdom from dr. allen power & dementia beyond disease

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