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alzheimer disease didn’t do this. drugs and dementia jail did

I’ve blogged a lot about the negative impacts of the inappropriate use of quetiapine (Seroquel) and risperidone (Risperdal) on people living with dementia, specifically on my mom.  One post, for example, shows the immediate effects of such drugs on my mother, another shows the difference from one day to the next when she was drugged and when she was not. I’ve also blogged about the side effects of quetiapine (Seroquel), of risperidone (Risperdal), and of haloperidol (Haldol).

I shared videos about the tardive dyskinesia Mom suffered as a result of the long-term inappropriate prescription of the antipsychotics she received.  I’ve talked about how the Government of Quebec finally acknowledged what I knew to be the truth about antipsychotic drugs seemingly long before they did, and how the action the government took in 2017 was too late for my mom, but hopefully not too late for others. I expanded on that with another video showing the effects these drugs had on my Mom.

Now I offer this:

I share this video because it demonstrates in a concrete, compact, and comparative way some of the physical and psychological effects the inappropriate prescription of antipsychotics had on my mother over a period of three years. This isn’t the end of our story. There’s much more proof to come.

I’m compelled to share our experience so the people you love, and you don’t suffer as Mom and I did. I also want to make it known to care providers, governments and our society overall that it is our collective obligation to provide people who live with dementia and older adults the care they deserve. It’s a human rights issue.

I hope people of the future look back with incredulity at where we are today and say “We can’t believe they did things that way.”


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2 thoughts on “alzheimer disease didn’t do this. drugs and dementia jail did”

  1. I am so sorry for your mom & your family. It’s heartbreaking to see these videos. My mother was a healthy functioning 92 yr old living on her own until the pandemic hit. One day in early March of that year my mom passed out from an arrhythmia episode & was on her floor for 2 days until I called the police where she lives & they broke in to find her on the floor (I’ll spare you the details of that). She was sent to the hospital & was diagnosed with an arrhythmia. A few days later she was sent to a “Rehabilitation center“ to help her regain her strength. Because of the pandemic we were not allowed in the rehab center to see her, this broke our hearts and my mothers. Every day she was there her condition seemed to worsen. We kept asking why & what medication she was given in addition to the medication from the hospital because this was NOT my mother. The only medication my mother ever took a Tylenol. We could see & talk to her outside of her room window. All she did was cry & beg us to bring her home. It turned out they were giving her medication for “depression” (she was never depressed a day in her life!) & Ambien for sleep. I remember my mom telling me a few years prior she tried Ambien ONE time & never took it again because it gave her night terrors. When we told the facility this & to stop giving her those medications, all they kept saying was the doctor has to discontinue it not us. When we kept calling to speak to either the doctor, nurse in charge, or her case manager, we were told a different medication every single time for the “depression“. We told him to stop that as well and they would not. We finally got her out of there after a month & she is now living with my sister in N. Carolina & is bedridden, scared to death to go to sleep in her bedroom needs the door left open & the light & TV on. This is what these medication to do to elderly people & it’s an absolute horror story. I know they gave her those medication‘s just so she would be sedated most of the time so they didn’t have to “deal with her“. My mother will never be the same. It’s very sad what they do to the elderly & we have no recourse. Family members need to ask questions & demand answers when you know something is not right with your mother or father. Thank you for sharing your story & hopefully people will become more & more aware of this disgusting practice. God bless.


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