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all fixed up: a lighthearted ode to our broken bits

The problem with overvaluing perfection is it sometimes leads us to want to fix things that don’t need repair, or to think that people and things are broken when in fact they’re not.  I believe people who live with dementia remain whole in their souls. So do the rest of use even as we change and evolve. This poem is about that. Just for fun.

all fixed up

Dedicated to the broken bits that needn’t be repaired.

all fixed up

©2017 punkie  

our stories lie in fragments
like our fractured selves
could they be assembled
by santa’s little elves?

or maybe fairies in the spring
will put us back together
like a cobbler works boot magic
with italian leather

perchance a layer of red bricks
would stack up all the blocks
slather mortar in between
while antique clocks tick tock

a seamstress would repair the tears
with thread and crossing stitches
lay them smooth upon a board
then iron out the glitches

a surgeon she could operate
cut, excise and sew
transplant better body parts
and hey, we’re good to go!

perhaps a quilter with a needle
should join up all the patches
in a crazy random pattern
where nothing ever matches

a coach might tell us how to do
say rah rah what’s your plan?
don’t worry if you trip and fall
god knows you’re greater than

yo we could go for therapy
pay it by the hour
turn bittersweet the notes we thought
only tasted sour

mechanics they could change our oil
while we lie high on lifts
tinker with our underbelly
tune us up in shifts

docs and nurses dole out pills
we could take our pick
problem is, the medicine
makes us feel more sick

teams of techies we might hire
divide them into crews
nothing but the cream of the crop
a fixer-up who’s who

or maybe we’ll just stay broken
it’s really not that wrong
to be a little cracked and bent
what matters is our song

©2017 Susan Macaulay. I invite you to share my poetry widely, but please do not reblog or copy and paste my poems into other social media without my permission. Thank you.

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Image copyright: akinshin / 123RF Stock Photo

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