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no, it’s not a trick question, and the proof is in the video

Admittedly there are people out there who insist on wallowing in misery, and seeing the glass half empty instead of half full. They whine and bitch and complain about everything all the time.

Are you one of those? I thought not. I bet you chose “a) dance” just like I did. Yay!

I believe that, given the opportunity, most people who live with dementia would make the same choice. Because just like most of us, they would rather dance than be bored to tears or drugged with antipsychotics and left to sit around like zombies.

But you don’t have to take my word for it; see for yourself:

At a loss for things to do besides dance? Here’s a starter list of 101 activities you can enjoy with someone living with dementia.

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Image copyright: antonuk / 123RF Stock Photo

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