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flute flies & love taps

September 11, 2017: Mom had a great sense of humour.  She spent more time laughing than she did crying, although of course like all of us she did both. After she went  into what I would come to call “elderjail,” I often brought her to my place for lunch, or dinner, or healing music sessions with Eric.

On this particular day, September 11, 2014, we made a mid-day meal together. I must’ve had some bananas, or maybe some tomatoes from the market sitting on the counter because there were fruit flies in the kitchen.  Mom and I got to  laughing about the “flute flies,” where they might’ve come from,  and what we might do with them. On the spur of the moment I pulled out my iPhone, as I often did, and recorded a “selfie video.”

While September 11 is remembered as a tragic day by many, and rightly so, I recall it with a smile because of the flute flies and the love taps Mom planted on my wrist thus causing my hand to shake, iPhone and all…

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