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tears to my eyes

This is a poem about the sad state of world affairs, and about missing my mom who died a year ago.

tears to my eyes

©2017 punkie

Dedicated to my mom, Patty, September 27, 1928 – August 17, 2016.

tears fall when the sun sets
well up at its rise
the least little thing
makes me wanna cry

floods, fire and famine
the rapes and the wars
drugs, death, and destruction
know nothing of doors

the poor and the tortured
sail boats in rough seas
the old and infirm
fall down on their knees

the sailors soon drown
in their thousands unrescued
the diseased and disabled
suffer the likes of ceausecu

haters in cars kill
women in streets
fly nazi flags
as the president bleats

“the news is all fake,”
he claims in a tweet
to the cheers of alt-rights
while the rest of us weep

“red, white, and blue,”
great patriots say
blacks, muslims, and jews
well, they’re not so okay

our climate is changing
mother earth has a fever
woe is me! a denier
has a hand on the lever

bodies split open
insides wide exposed
push nuclear buttons
make people explode

the wrongs I am seeing
I wanna forget
but how can i? who would?
with so much blood being let?

if there’s a god
in some heaven above
i hope she soon sends us
a whole whack of doves

i long for a taste
of afternoon tea
with gingersnap cookies
and love taps on my knee

a kitten, a mitten,
a bird on the wing
your face, peaceful space,
and how we used to sing

the world has gone crazy
it’s crystal, it’s clear
hold on tight, don’t let go
to that which is dear

treasure the moments
laugh while you can
time runs through fingers
like hourglass sand

one year ago here
a part of me died
now everything, always
brings tears to my eyes


©2017 Susan Macaulay. I invite you to share my poetry widely, but please do not reblog or copy and paste my poems into other social media without my permission. Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “tears to my eyes”

  1. I share the pain of the anniversaries of all AD&D victims. Many thoughts flood back on the anniversary of my father’s passing. I would not share the politics of the days since then as they had no bearing on the significance his life and his death to my family. Nor would I question the politics of the government spending extraordinary sums on other diseases that affect far fewer individuals and families. Political parties and presidents are a horrific burden on us all.

    I celebrate the joy the memories, both good and difficult, bring back as I read the postings on this blog.

    However, if the intent is to regularly promote a political agenda or rail against a specific politician please remove me from your group.

    Pingback: note to self: do not argue with people whose purpose is to argue – Amazing Susan


  2. Yes well done, super thought as I mourn the passing of my Elsie August 5. This has prompted me to think critical care could she have been sustained longer.


  3. Beautiful. My mother also has Alzheimers. I appreciate your writings more than you could know as i read thru the tears .


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