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100% joyful grandma = 17.5 million glorious yt views

YouTube video screenshot of Macklemore’s Grandma Helen on her big day of adventure

Benjamin Hammond Haggerty (aka Macklemore) rapper, singer and songwriter, went to visit his grandmother to celebrate her 100th birthday.
“Today, we’re gonna do whatever you want to do,” he says after she gets over the initial shock of seeing him at the door.

“Oh honey,” she says. “Anything?”

“Anything, you want to do. Anything,” he assures her.

“I want to do it all,” she says.

And so begins their glorious day.

The response to this joyful grandma/grandson day of adventures l has been overwhelming: 17.5 million views, over half a million “likes,” and more than 18,000 comments (as of July 20, 2017). I love that. And I love that the video models a loving, respectful and fun relationship between a grandson and his grandmother, all while smashing some of the stereotypes around aging.

Grandma Helen is a force of nature, full of life and fun – at 100 years old. Good for her. And good for Macklemore for producing a music video that speaks to people – one that EVERYONE can enjoy because it’s not full of nudity, sex, seduction, violence, and vulgarity. Rather, it’s 100% Grandma, gratitude and good clean fun (well, mostly, except for the lap dance LOL!).

Here are some of the YouTube comments that caught my eye in a quick scan:

★Is it me or when you listen to this song it makes me like there is no hate in the world??

★This is absolutely phenomenal. I can feel the love he shared with his grandma in this video. It’s so light hearted and sweet but also quite emotional as well. I simply love rap like this.

★Just give it a Grammy ( to which someone quipped: He doesn’t need a Grammy, all he needs is his Granny)

★I’am 12 year’s old and my Grandpa and grandma are very old(grandpa=80 grandma=78)and i didn’t won’t that they die.They Both have an accident with their legs and now they can’t walk normaly.I write this in the comments because I think,it doesn’t matter if you are buissy or angry.You must to be have Time for your family and grandmas.

★Bruh I love this song! The only song in 2017 without drugs, porn, vulgarly, etc..

★This deserves WAY MORE LIKES and WAY MORE VIEWS! 100% No Violence 100% No Drugs 100% No Half Naked Women Running Around In Bikinis 100% No Gangs 100% A Man That Cares About His Family 100% GLORIOUS GIVE THIS MAN A GRAMMY ALREADY!! Faith In Humanity Restored


★17 millions view? :O WTF?? Deserved 1 billion views !

★This is inspiring. I love this video sooo much, I love my grandma, she is 77 and has PSP, I spend as much time with her. This video made me cry, this video will stay with me for the rest of my life


★Thank God for rappers that actually care for their family now a days. Big Shoutout to him.

★I won’t lie… I cried

You go Grandma Helen, and good on your rapper grandson for showing the world what counts.

6 thoughts on “100% joyful grandma = 17.5 million glorious yt views”

  1. Isn’t that sweet?! My gosh- she is a wonder at that age.
    Good for him for making a song that speaks to everyone–and is not full of soft-sell sex, or worse.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana


  2. Shoot… Made me cry. Reminded me on my granny’s last birthday. “What do you want to do for you birthday?” I asked her. “I want to go to Knott’s Berry Farm and eat a chicken dinner and ride the log ride.” she said. “OK, but don’t tell your daughter, she’ll kill me!” I said. And yes, she got a new pair of kicks just like this lady did so she could walk around the amusement park. Granny died before her next birthday. Best dang memory of my granny!


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