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Teepa Snow is on the go!

I wish I had known about dementia care pioneer Teepa Snow and her practical tools and techniques when I first began my journey with dementia care. But I didn’t.

Teepa has probably done more to change the face of dementia care than anyone else in the world. Her videos have been viewed and shared by hundreds of thousands of people – for a reason. Because they’re great: full of practical tips and advice for care partners, both professional and unpaid.

I created this video to honour Teepa on her May 9 birthday in 2017. This poem is a one-minute tongue-in-cheek tribute to her and her work. Below it are links to her videos on YouTube, her site, and this blog.  I hope you find them useful.

We all need all the help we can get and Teepa’s tools and tips are spot on. I created this list to enable myself and you to access her videos in sequence. Enjoy the learning. Even better, put it into practice!


What is Dementia?

The Ten Early Signs of Dementia

7 Elements of A Proper Dementia Diagnosis

6 GEMS(TM)  outshine every stage from the inside out



7 dementia care basics from Teepa Snow

5 top dementia care tips from Teepa Snow

10 ways to calm a dementia care crisis

13 expert tips to help with “I want to go home”

10 tips to deal with hallucinations

Hand Under Hand (TM) demo



Making Visits Valuable Part 1: Breathe

Making Visits Valuable Part 2: Senses

Making Visits Valuable Part 3: Taste and Pills

Making Visits Valuable Part 4: It Starts With You

Making Visits Valuable Part 5: Movement and rhythm of speech

Making Visits Valuable Part 6: The Promise, Take Me Home, Things go Missing


You may also purchase Teepa Snow’s DVDs here.

Dementia care pioneer Teepa Snow’s website.

More Teepa Snow on MyAlzheimersStory.

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2 thoughts on “Teepa Snow is on the go!”

  1. Love your 1 minute tribute to Teepa. I did not know it is her birthday. Thanks for the heads up! Love the list as well.
    We are doing a fundraising event at our local Hy-vee next month for our trip and considering giving some of the proceeds to an Alzheimer’s group. Part of the event will be a display table for Alzheimer’s awareness. We may wear T-shirts that says “Alzheimer’s Disease: let’s talk about it!”

    Can we share the bangs in handout form (I forgot if you have that on sale) and perhaps put up your poem?


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