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the forgetful still want to be valued


In March 2017, I gave my first four live BANGS(TM) mini-workshops. BANGS(TM) is the model that emerged based on my own experience of being a care partner to my mom who lived with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type.

The three days during which I delivered the sessions were fraught with technical issues, forgotten bit and pieces and the usual training challenges. At the end of each session, I felt grateful for the opportunity to be with and to be valued by other caregivers for the experiences we shared.

Also at the end of each of the fours sessions, I read “let me shine,” a poem I wrote to help counter the prevailing negative narrative and stigma associated with dementia and the people who live with it. When I got home tonight, I found this beautiful and similarly themed piece in my inbox thanks to Dementia in Dignity (enjoy):

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6 thoughts on “the forgetful still want to be valued”

  1. Watapowpow! Thank you for sharing. You are an addition to my joy…across the sorrows…to so many others too, that I am sure. So happy our roads crossed. I will now share your links…again.


  2. Glad to hear about the workshops – better-trained care partners ensure a better quality of life for those with dementia! I’m hoping that you’ll share what you are learning, Amazing Susan, from these sessions, and from the other amazing caregivers that you’re meeting along the way.


    1. “Better-trained care partners ensure a better quality of life for those with dementia!” So true. All of the participants were family care partners. I wish LTCF had the same desire to equip their workers with the right skills.


  3. Congrats on the workshops. I am sure it will get easier and easier and you will get all the bugs worked out. That was a wonderful poem…and I can see that working for the earlier stages of dementia quite nicely.
    Have a good weekend- xo Diana


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