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open windows by rozanne baker


A beautiful poem by Rozanne Baker of Amanzimtoti, South Africa. Rozanne, who cares for her mother of 90+ years who lives with dementia in a long-term care facility, sent me this poem out of the blue. I struck a chord with me.

Open Windows

by Rozanne Baker

The home seems deserted.
Silence fills the air.
Who knows what, or when.
Who knows why, or where.

The blinds are drawn.
The curtains closed.
What’s happening inside…
No-one knows.

And then the window opens…
For how long…
No-one knows.
To the people looking in,
it’s like the beauty of a rose.

A glimmer of light is shining,
from the darkness deep within.
A spark of recognition
and the faintest little grin.

“So nice to see you”.
“Thanks for coming by”.
These words are like a rainbow,
lighting up the sky.

And in the very moment
of waiting to reply,
the shutters close as silently
as rainclouds drifting by.

Back in to another world,
that’s far beyond our reach.
Like never-ending waves,
that wash up on the beach.

We’ll have to wait again,
to see what comes and goes.
For the windows to re-open,
For how long…
No-one knows.

©2017 Rozanne Baker
Amanzimtoti, South Africa

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Copyright: velirina / 123RF Stock Photo

3 thoughts on “open windows by rozanne baker”

  1. Wow. That’s powerful and beautiful. Clouds passing by… it’s not sad, it just is what it is, and we have to be patient until the sun comes out again. Thanks for sharing this, Susan.


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