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mrs brown and my mom had lovely daughters

Have you ever felt as looney as a tune?  We did. All the time! Mom, Eric and I made a fine looney tune trio, especially when we were  unplugged.

Here’s an excerpt from Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter (and mother!), which we also sang accompanied by piano. This particular post is to honour my birthday January 28, 1956, which this year I will be marking for the first time ever without my mom in this world. That’s something to think and feel about.



Oh yeah, and just for fun and because Mom would have loved it:


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9 thoughts on “mrs brown and my mom had lovely daughters”

  1. Happy Happy Birthday, Susan. I hope you have a great day tomorrow! You are so right- Your mom DID have a lovely, lovely daughter. I remember that song from my ‘young’ years. xo Diana


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