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truth or dare


I haven’t shared any of my poetry for awhile. It seemed a good time to do so…

truth or dare

Dedicated to everyone with a loved one who is in a place she or he shouldn’t be.

truth or dare

©2016 punkie


compassion, care, eternal good,
love, and rights and brotherhood

empty words taped on grey walls
while elders “wander” in the halls

workers told to share fuck all
take a pulse then duly call

like simon says to walk or not
docs and dons create the plot

they say yes, then stop or go,
despite the fact that they don’t know

what should be done, to ease the pain
or help the helpless feel not insane

once a month or two or three
they drop in for a lookie-see

scratch their heads, dole out some pills
that make things worse, or even kill

don’t see stuff behind closed doors
turn their heads, stare at the floors

no one wants to take a gander,
lookers-on kiss ass and pander

those who shine white lights on lies
are murdered swift with hues and cries

“we know what’s best,” them experts say,
“shut up, toute suite, or else you’ll pay.”

rue the day you ask good questions
have a thought, or make suggestions

daughters should be seen not heard
while legal sons write saving words:

“halve the cost, cut one-on-ones
make mothers sit, not walk or run

overlook falls, cuts and bruises
dyskinesia and drugs’ overuses

ignore the plight of frail abused
and one day you may stand accused

but hark now! pony up for places
shiny new, life-sucking spaces

masquerade then set the snares
in silent games of truth or dare


©2016 Susan Macaulay. I invite you to share my poetry widely, but please do not reblog or copy and paste my poems into other social media without my permission. Thank you.

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Copyright: imagesbyhafizismail / 123RF Stock Photo

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