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painted angels and amazing grace

It’s an early new year’s morning. I sit on the sofa, sip tea and remember the pleasure of last night’s fire. Christmas isn’t long gone, and I love that I leave my decorations up until my birthday at the end of January. I want to stretch the joy of them being without swaddles and boxes for as long as possible.

The sun rises in the east and shines through the large window behind me; its rays travel across the red brick of the fireplace to strike a painted wooden angel that fell from the tree a few days ago, and which I hung on the damper crank because I didn’t know where else to put her. It looks like she feels at home there. I think of Mom, and the amazing grace of this moment as well as that of December 2014 when she and Eric and I celebrated spirit, connection and love. I hear her clap and sing, and watch her smile as if she were here with me.



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6 thoughts on “painted angels and amazing grace”

  1. It’s truly amazing how much music can touch people with late stage dementia. I saw it in my Dad when he was in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, and I saw all the people in his memory care center calm down and start singing when a piano player came in.


  2. What a cozy picture you paint with your words. Your mother is still with you in these quiet moments. That’s so comforting to me!


  3. It is wonderful that you have filmed all these glorious moments of your mom enjoying the moment. I know how much you miss her, Susan. You were a good daughter to her while she was here—xoDiana
    ps. Love your sweet little ‘damper’ angel.


    1. Thanks Diana – we had some really fun and funny times in the midst of all the not-so-fun times – life is what you make it, as you will know 🙂 And yes, I found it interesting that that angel should fly when she did…


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