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Top 10 MAS posts to date (plus bonus links)


Happy New Year!

As we launch into 2017, I am committed to building on the success of the past to change mindsets and improve dementia care worldwide. is only three years old, but it has already made a mark and garnered a lot of support, thanks to you, it’s subscribers and supporters.

MAS top posts come in all colours, shapes and sizes. They include memes, tips, demos, poetry, questions and a rant. The top post, “5 ways we rob people with dementia of their dignity,” has been viewed more than 13,500 times. Not bad for starters. Here’s a list of the top 10 posts:

  1. 5 ways we rob people with dementia of their dignity
  2. 20 questions that help explain why people with dementia get agitated and physically aggressive
  3. 10 ways to calm a crisis with a person with dementia (Teepa Snow demo)
  4. 20 questions to ask when a LO with dementia doesn’t recognize you anymore
  5. 13 expert tips to help with “I want to go home.” (Teepa Snow demo)
  6. don’t give advice to people who are drowning
  7. 7 powerful things a care partner can say to stop anger and aggression in a person with dementia
  8. Two Mothers Remembered by Joann Snow Duncanson
  9. dying with my mom
  10. Teepa Snow demos Hand Under Hand™ dementia care to connect, comfort and “control”


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