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what would YOU do? a short survey on behaviour

Thanks for helping me with a little research by doing the short survey below which comprises mostly simple “Yes” or “No” questions on behaviour; it takes about three minutes to complete.

Besides doing me a favour, your answers may get you thinking.

Please take the survey by clicking here.

You will be able to see the results immediately after you complete the survey. Thank you for participating.

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11 thoughts on “what would YOU do? a short survey on behaviour”

    1. Thanks Henry and FYI I didn’t overlook your comment from a couple of months ago. It’s just that other bright shiny objects got in the way of answering:P Comments are always appreciated and I surely valued that one as well.


  1. It is clear that the creator of this survey could benefit from a few lessons in the construction of survey questions. It is blatantly obvious that the survey results will be used that persons with Alzheimer’s react in the same way as seemingly normal people would in the same circumstances. Also this is not a true data collection effort, but rather a way to prove a point of hers in a later blog posting. How long will we have to wait for the post about this biased, unrepresentative questionnaire?


    1. What i would really like to know is how you would answer the questions. Then by your answers we can say you are combative, aggatated, and all the other words used amd Maybe then we could get you on some meds that will help you be in zombie land and then you can be even more confused and then maybe change your meds again and mess you up some more.

      Never mind i was just being a smart ass.

      It is obvious you don’t like the person that is trying to put some information together to give a different point of view. Maybe your bias to just yours!?

      As to your comment would an Alzheimers patient would react the same as a normal person, how about i pull your pants down, how would you react.

      Yes Alzhiemer patient is different because of what is happening to there mind but, they are still human. There reactions are as normal as yours or mine. How we treat them and communicate with them makes the difference of the quality of life left.

      I did fill out the survey. What i got out of it was that the answers i gave were the same reactions that my wife with Alzheimers was giving.

      So the actions i gave makes me normal but someone with Alzheimers ????

      Insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
      Maybe it is time to look at it differently and doing differently.

      I not sure but doesn’t all surveys prove a point!? Or why have them at all.

      If you made it this far thank you for your post, it made me think. 🙂


      1. You are so right Wilbur: “How we treat them and communicate with them makes the difference of the quality of life left.” People who live with dementia are just like the rest of us, they have fears and feelings and they deserve to have their dignity preserved.

        As for the tone of your comment, you’re the kind of person one is fortunate to have on her side ❤ thanks as always for your ongoing support, and for the courage, love, and compassion with which you care for Deb. Being an angel on earth is its own reward.


    2. Dear John (aka Sam, or vice versa),

      My name is Susan; I am the creator of the survey, and the writer of this blog. The survey is a mirror version of the Nursing Home Problem Behaviour Scale (NHBPS), which you may find here. I would also invite you to read this post “29 behaviours you could be sedated for”, as well as the rest of the posts that comprise the series.

      You are right, I will use the survey results to show “that persons with Alzheimer’s react in the same way as seemingly normal people would in the same circumstances,” in the same way I have used the vignettes in the posts I gave you links to in the previous paragraph to demonstrate the point.

      The questionnaire is part of background research I’m doing for an editorial I’m preparing for the Journal of the American medical Directors Association. I’m not sure how long it will take me to write, but in the meantime you may be interested in this article which was recently accepted by JAMDA for publication: “Efforts to reduce antipsychotic use in dementia care are starting to bear fruit, but a lot of work remains to be done.

      I’ve received feedback from unpaid caregivers, paid care workers, and dementia care professionals about the survey; yours is one of the very few that are negative. Here’s a representative sample of the kinds of things people are saying:

      “The questions gave me a new perspective on what it must be like to live with Alzheimer’s/dementia or any mental health condition for that matter.”
      “Great survey. I will share with my support group.”
      “As someone who works with people afflicted with alz and dementia, in answering these questions, and most of them were yes, I kept thinking of instances when the seniors I serve, exhibited these behaviors! Interesting. I’d love to see what is derived from this survey. Thank you.”
      “All staff in healthcare should have to do this survey.”
      “Look forward to the results. The questions were very insightful and made me reflect how residents in memory care feel.”
      “Great questions to shift our perspective on mental illness!”
      “That really made me think…thank you.”
      “Scary how many behavioural traits I said yes to…”
      “The questions were insightful and made me reflect on how individuals with dementia feel when they are in those situations. Just like us in many ways.”
      “Nice job! Great training tool.”

      Thanks again for your comments, and have a nice day.


      1. My mom was getting aggressive with caregivers and me, I lost 5 caregiver because of her behavior. I took her out of Quetiapine 50 mg, and began giving her 1 teaspoon of cannibal oil , three times a day. So far, going on two weeks without aggression. My mom is 80 year old and overall in good health. Praying every day that this will maintained her calm with her dementia leading to Alzheimer. Please researcher this and advise caregivers and son and daughters.


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