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25 dementia communication quick tips in 4 minutes!



These are great tips for newbie care partners and “the general public,” and practical reminders for those who have been involved in dementia care for any length of time. The engaging four-minute animation will help embed the techniques in your brain. Have a read and a watch!

  1. use one idea per sentence (i.e only one verb)
  2. ask questions
  3. limit demands on recent memory
  4. provide options for answering
  5. speak at a normal rate
  6. use normal volume
  7. use normal intonation
  8. eliminate distractions
  9. encourage
  10. support participation
  11. use prompting & cueing
  12. invite engagement
  13. offer choices
  14. mention preferences
  15. facilitate
  16. supply possible answers
  17. orchestrate
  18. provide guidance
  19. assist with activities
  20. demonstrate
  21. partner
  22. draw on shared memories
  23. tell stories
  24. use simple grammar & sentences
  25. do an enjoyable activity together


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