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are you for person-centered dementia care?

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I began blogging on in February 2014.

Through the blog and various social media, I have connected with like-minded people around the world who are for person-centered dementia care and against the use of antipsychotic medications to “treat” people who live with dementia.

These innovative dementia care pioneers and I are creating a worldwide network to amplify our collective voice and share news, ideas and resources related to changing the way we care for people who live with dementia.

To join us, learn from and/or contribute to the network please like our new People for Person-Centered Dementia Care Facebook page and/or become a member of our People for Person-Centered Dementia Care group on LinkedIn.

We also invite you to expand the network by sharing with others who are committed to the same goals.



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2 thoughts on “are you for person-centered dementia care?”

  1. Hi Susan, just to say I am happy to be collaborating with you and many more world-wide. We can collectively advocate and use our knowledge on this subject to make it known “nothing less is acceptable”. My main wish is for PLWD to join us as their knowledge is more valuable!


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