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7 poems to share because they’re there

women writing treated


I write because I must. But not always about my journey as a dementia care partner or to advocated for better care. Sometimes I write about other aspects of my life, and sometimes that writing takes the form of poetry, which I first began experimenting with in late 2012.

Here are links to seven pieces posted on my personal blog amazing susan, which I invite you to follow if you find it of interest.


black sacrament

1) never on sunday

a non-religious rant prompted by an ungodly answer

Gaming Table with Tonya Beckman Ross

2) a royal flush

about creating something new when the chips are down

pregnant woman silhouette painted3) the shape of things to come

poem about life’s potential and living it


blood4) hack and kill

a nursery rhyme for violent times made more real by the ongoing random attacks worldwide

mary had a little blog

5) mary had a little blog

a reaction to censorship and power plays


hands on bars colour bands6) quarantine

a poem mourning the losses associated with the suppression of voices of dissent


I also sometimes post poetry on My Alzheimer’s Story; you may find it here.

© Susan Macaulay 2013 – 2015. I invite you to share the links widely, but please do not reprint or reblog or copy and paste my poems into other social media without my permission. Thank you.

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