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some gods write plans

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This poem demanded to be heard after I listened to a long-ago telephone conversation with a familiar refrain:

“When are you coming home? I can’t wait to see you.”

Both dementia and life make us all want to go home in one way or another.


a poem by punkie

download the past
the die is cast
brave souls get torn apart

i hear your voice
there’s little choice
it echoes in my heart

come home you say
to laugh and play
create a brand new start

walk down the road
where love once flowed
see skies that look like art

we’ll pay the price
and roll the dice
believe in dreams sweet tart

before too long
forget the songs
whose ends aren’t ours to chart

some gods write plans
in shifting sands
and grant us small bit parts

yet still we give
these lives to live
our blood, our tears, our hearts


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