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keeping your cool in the face of complete and utter insanity is easier than you think


scream & shout


I once wrote a poem instead of screaming out loud. It helped me. Maybe it will help you too.

It’s well known that seemingly crazy behaviour is more often than not a rational response to truly crazy behaviour.

I’m amazed I have not as yet done something completely and totally fucking whako. Truth be told, I am a paragon of patience.

how to remain sane in five easy pieces

a poem by punkie


first shut the door

be quick before

your soul

slips further out


find empty there

‘tween truth & dare

and chasms

filled with nowt


yes, vent your rage

against the cage

write words

that scream and shout


now banish fear

the end is near

god’s will

permits no doubt


go fight for right

with all your might

laugh last

then dance about.

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