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another bloody birthday


blood moon



This poem was born September 27, 2015, on the day of a blood moon (i.e. a rare total lunar eclipse).

There was also a blood moon in November 1928.


blood moon birth day

a poem by punkie


born the second of your

mother’s three daughters

you are the one who howled

her way into this world on

a crisp autumn ‘day like

today’ in 1928


you were named for her

and her mother before her

and her mother’s mother and

maybe more in a long line

of hale Marys of which

i am the last


fiery red hair matched

your cat-green eyes and

fetchingly crooked teeth

to endear suitors and soul

sisters alike in the full

party of your life


straight lines elude you but

you still sing million of songs

though much of your mind

is gone in dementia off

and on and in which

i am the lost


tonight you are the one

for whom a bloody moon

eclipses the birth of an 88th year

and signs the time of auspicious

finds or promises a harvest

that comes far too soon


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