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torn corners & confetti (v)

I was surprised to find the answer to my images question in Six Feet Under; but there it was in a random scene:

The daughter, Claire, an aspiring photographer, and her boyfriend are fooling around with some portrait images she has taken. They rip the eyes out of one of the photographs and Claire, who is lying on the floor, places the torn out images on top of her own eyes. She asks her boyfriend to take a picture of her with the torn-out eyes resting on own.

The effect was arresting and a little disturbing. The scene sparked my creativity.

Here’s stanza (v):




torn corners & confetti (v)

a poem in eight parts

by punkie


now light slips

quietly through

the cracks/crevices

of your mind

finding truth

and wisdom

we never dreamed

might be there and here.


torn corners & confetti (i) 

torn corners & confetti (ii) 

torn corners & confetti (iii) 

torn corners & confetti (iv) 




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