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torn corners & confetti (ii)

It wouldn’t work. It was clear after I got the email notification of the first posting of the first stanza of torn corners & confetti that tweaking was required.

The whole stanza was reproduced in the email, and it didn’t look at all like it should. It was chunky and clunky and just plain ugly. Written poetry is meant to be seen as well as read. Spoken poetry is meant to be heard. Form is important either way. What to do?

Idea: explain some of the creative process that went into the poem with each of the seven remaining stanzas? Worth a try. torn corners & confetti grew out of A Room in Antwerp by Laure-Anne Bosselaar; you will find that poem here. More next time.

Here’s torn corners & confetti (ii):




torn corners & confetti (ii)

a poem in eight parts

by punkie


dust covers the windows

of your mind

thick and gray

drawn then stuck

to the pains and joys

it sits, then settles

until you forget

it’s there.



torn corners & confetti (i) 


© Susan Macaulay 2015. I invite you to share this link widely, but please do not reprint or reblog or copy and paste my poems into other social media without my permission. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “torn corners & confetti (ii)”

  1. Missed part one. Went back to it after reading this. This is compellingly beautiful and scary. Looking forward to the remainder.


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