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love liberates me and you and Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou love liberates


People who walk with people with dementia will tell you it is perhaps the most painful life work they have ever done.

For many fortunate care partners such as myself, it is also the most joyful, enriching and powerful life work we have ever done.

Yes, it is a rollercoaster of despair and joy, grief and grace.

And for those who find its gifts, it is also a blessing and a privilege — a journey of infinite tenderness, a profoundly human and deeply spiritual experience.

It liberates and empowers beyond measure. It is love in action.

It’s like this:



6 thoughts on “love liberates me and you and Maya Angelou”

  1. Life is a dance. How wonderful to learn the steps that bring us to the realization that in the end….it’s all about love. Wonderful post Susan!


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