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the answer is blowing in the wind

 the answer is blowing in the wind

December 26, 2014: It’s blowing a gale here on Boxing Day after two days of rain. Sadly, much of the snow is gone. Nevertheless, it’s not  like a seaside cottage where gossamer curtains billow in a salty breeze, as I imagine is happening in the image above. And the weather here in Quebec was much finer when Mom, Eric and I recorded our skreely everything wishes last week. Then, there was a gentle wind in which we found the answers to some of our questions. We sang about what we knew and felt grateful:

In the same session we did an amazing version of Amazing Grace which is one of our favourites and which we had previously performed with piano and dedicated here, as well as lots of glorias.

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Image copyright: ohsuriya / 123RF Stock Photo

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