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we ain’t misbehavin’, we’re savin’ all our love for…


December 1, 2014: Once each week for the past year, Mom, Eric and I have met and made music together. It’s always magical in some way. Sometimes we play piano at The Home, like I shared here, herehere and here.

Two of my favourites are Mom singing Over the Rainbow and Comin’ Round the Mountain. We also like to play guitar and sing at my place like we did here, and here. I love the music because it brings us all joy. Making music with Mom and Eric also been a great learning experience for me.

On Saturday we sang Christmas carols even though December was still two days away. I’m not going to share those with you yet, even though today is December 1 (2014) and the festive season is officially upon us! Instead of carols, here’s a one-minute ditty featuring Eric on guitar and Patti on percussion:

Who are you saving your love for?

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2 thoughts on “we ain’t misbehavin’, we’re savin’ all our love for…”

    1. Mom has always had a beautiful voice; I’ll share some videos of her singing in 2011/12 as the story unfolds. She never knew how to read music as far as I know, nor did she play any instruments. So it’s a real treat to see her get so much joy out of “playing” the piano, and strumming the guitar.

      I am completely inept and can barely carry a tune in a bucket 🙂 I really didn’t sing until I started singing with her in 2011 as an activity we could do together as there were so many other things that we used to do together that we no longer could because of the Alzheimer’s.

      As pre-teens we would sometimes sing around a bonfire at the beach. And my uncle played the guitar so we sang when we went to visit him once or twice a year, but other than that, no. We were as far from the Von Trapp family as one could imagine!


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