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others aren’t as lucky as we are

This is not Jacquie
Australian Jacquie H. has early onset Alzheimer’s

October 3, 2014: My journey with Mom has been challenging in a multitude of ways since I first took her for a memory test in 2006.

In fact, it’s been a roller coaster ride of epic proportions for both of us. Still, it’s nowhere near as difficult as that experienced by so many others such as Jacquie pictured at right, and her family.

This Australian story of Early Onset Alzheimer’s touched my heart today and reminded me how lucky Mom and I are to have found joy amidst the tragedy:

So far, as of October 3, 2014, Mom still remembers me most of the time. She often speaks in alphabet soup, but sometimes she also talks in semi-sensible sentences the meaning of which I can often decipher.

We sing and make music together. We make lunch at the Alzheimer’s Cafe.  We play with whatever happens to be at hand. We love each other and say so and it’s not just empty words. We’re lucky, Alzheimer’s and all.


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