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dancing with alzheimer and my mom

September 2016: I love to dance. So did Mom.

In 2014, when I first posted this, she had declined to the point where she could no longer walk unless assisted by at least two people. She did not recognize me most of the time and was often completely unresponsive to questions. She had been inappropriately medicated into zombie land.

Over the course of the 2014/15, she rebounded (when the doses of antipsychotics she was on were reduced) even as she declined. She had bright and joyful moments, and we continued to have meaningful time together until she took her last breath.

In the summer of 2008, Mom’s 80th birthday year, she and I and friends and family created a video (modelled after the Where the Hell is Matt video) in and around her home. We had so much fun making the video, it was a really joyful experience.

I encourage you to dance today and every day. You never know when it might be your last.

 Mom and I will always dance in my heart, no matter where else she is.

6 thoughts on “dancing with alzheimer and my mom”

  1. Hi Sweetie
    So sorry to read that Patti is declining. Davie and I are sending lots of hugs, love and courage. We loved to watch your dance video once again, it was so nice to see Patti dancing in her beautiful home, with her wonderful daughter. We love you and we are sending lots of love to Patti as well.


    1. Thanks Pammie and Davie. Unbelievably, a miracle happened today and Mom resurfaced speaking in complete sentences, eyes clear, part of her old mischievous self in evidence. Yesterday I was convinced she was on her deathbed. The transformation was simply astonishing. Today offered a few moments more to cherish. What a roller coaster ride!


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