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pinkie patti covered the beatles as only she could


Flashback March 23, 2014: It would be hard to imagine how grateful I am that I arranged for these music sessions for Mom. They produced such joy, happiness and healing for her, as well as for me and Eric. The hours we spent together each week kept all of us going. True blessings.

In this one, Pinkie Patti does the Beatles with Eric the Piano Man. March 23, 2014.

4 thoughts on “pinkie patti covered the beatles as only she could”

  1. What an amazing woman blessed to have an amazing daughter bless her with the gift of music. This video made me cry tears of joy ❤


    1. Thanks Anonymous 🙂 I cried too, then and now ❤ I’m so pleased to have been able to do small things like this that brought her such great joy. I wish I could have done more, but I did all I could. Now I will continue to #FightTheGoodFight for others in her name.


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