is it a boy turtle or a girl turtle?

Dear NHGC Lady Golfers,

Re: the turtle naming contest

It’s all very well and good to have a contest to name NHGC’s titillating turtle.

BUT how can we possibly name her/him when we have no idea of his/her gender? Claire has jumped to the conclusion that it is a she, but maybe she is a he (not Claire, the turtle). And yes, yes, I know androgynous names are all the rage, BUT what about those of us who prefer to stick to TRADITION? Boys’ names for boy turtles, and girls’ names for girl turtles. Unfortunately, sexing turtles is notoriously difficult (as I’m sure most of you well know!).

What to do?

Thankfully, the universe, in its infinite wisdom, sent me a perfectly-timed solution to the turtle sexing challenge. I heard it tonight on CBC radio As It Happens, AND as I’m sure you’ll agree when you listen to it, the solution is super synchronistic in more ways than one:

I think I have some tools that may be of use šŸ˜›

XOX Susan

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