50 more pics that prove my mom was neglected and abused in long-term care


If you don’t have proof, you won’t be believed. Sometimes, even if you DO have proof, you are not believed.

I learned that when I went to court to try to get control of my mother’s care in early 2014. I had lots of proof, but I still lost. I was devastated. But the loss didn’t stop me from documenting the neglect and abuse my mother continued to suffer until her death in August 2016.

The neglect included not having her incontinence pads changed as frequently as they should have been, having the pads put on backwards, not having wounds properly dressed and not having the level of one-on-one care she required.

The abuse consisted primarily of being chemically restrained with antipsychotic drugs (which caused her to stumble, bump into things, fall and sustain a continual stream of injuries), and being physically restrained with recliners, wheelchairs, and various types of alarms.

These fifty photographs (all taken in 2014), show what this neglect and abuse looked like.

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If you have a family member in long-term care:

  • learn what constitutes neglect and abuse
  • visit often at different times of the day
  • watch how staff treat other residents
  • document what you see and hear
  • advocate for proper care

25 pics that prove my mom was neglected and abused in long-term care

four years later is too late for my mom. but it’s not for others.

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