care partner humour: milkin’ it!


Care partner Catherine Bixenman-salesi knows how to laugh (as well as cry) in the face of the day-to-day ups and downs of living with her mom who lives with dementia. Here’s a short chuckle Catherine posted in a dementia care Facebook group:

Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry LOL! This happened just now:

Mom: Excuse me, I want milk.

Me: You hate milk, Mom.

Mom: You are lying to me.

Me: Okay, I will bring you some milk.

I go to the kitchen only to find that my kid has left a gallon milk container in the fridge with about a half teaspoon of milk in the bottom of the container. Why? I ask myself. Why does he do this? Arrgghhh. I pour what my kid has graciously left us into a glass, and bring it to my mother. She takes a sip and rolls her eyes. “This tastes like milk,” she says. “I hate milk.”

It’s gonna be one of those days!

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