people living with dementia prove the medical model wrong


People living with dementia are LIVING. They are not dead, or gone or empty shells.

They are people with abilities, skills, wants, needs, feelings, and if we help them, purpose! It’s time to recognize that, and provide PLWD the support they need – not just in a few exceptional long-term care facilities, but everywhere. We need to ditch the medical model that’s been proven to be broken and replace it with dementia care that works.

Revolutionizing Dementia Care is all about doing that. It’s full of concrete examples of the kinds of things that create positive change.

Here’s the trailer:

More important, here’s the full meal deal (I strongly encourage you to watch it in its entirety):

This is not “pie in the sky,” nor is it rocket science (as I keep saying over and over and over again). Some long-term care facilities are able to provide the kind of care that allows people living with dementia to engage life until the very end. They help PLWD to find purpose, to enjoy life, to contribute to their communities, to love, to laugh and to live fully and meaningful lives.

David Sheard has done it with his Butterfly Model.  Dr. Allen Power has done it with his books and pioneering ideas. Occupational therapist Teepa Snow has done with her skills training and videos. Others use similar approaches with the same kind of results. We need to scale these models NOW, if not sooner.

Please speak out and make your voice heard for better dementia care worldwide.


a real-life example of what great dementia care is: loving, engaging, respectful, meaningful and joyful for everyone involved

is your dementia glass half empty or half full?

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