puppies & people living with dementia: it’s not rocket science (p.s.: forget the pillows — leave them with the real thing!)


We know what works — this little visit with puppies got 13 million views in five days on Facebook.

So why the hell don’t we just do it? Why don’t we have puppies and kittens and plants and flowers and music and joyful stuff in long-term care facilities and in our own homes instead of TVs and geri-chairs?

Mom got more joy from her kitty cat Pia Roma (her “best friend”) than she did from anything. It’s so simple…

And yep, it’s a great idea and all, but Is it just me or do the PLWD look justifiably confused when they give them pillows as replacements for the real puppies? It’s like, “Hey! wait a minute, you just gave me a puppy and now you’re going to take it away and leave me with a pillow? Huh?”

Sure it’s a nice gesture to bring along a puppy, but maybe the rest of it needs a bit of rethinking #justsaying Or maybe I’m wrong…What do YOU think?

the paws that refreshes

a magical musical alzheimer gift

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