shift the culture, stop the bullies


Kirby shared this:

I agree with you. The biggest abuser in my dad’s care home was a leader, the union shop steward. A little woman who wielded a lot of power; she intimidated staff and residents as a psychological bully. I made arrangements with the Director of Care to keep her out of my dad’s room for 10 years, they complied. Dad was one of the lucky ones. Apparently, she was an excellent shop steward, and no one felt they could fill her shoes. But they all knew how she bullied residents. They feared her. Perhaps an unusual case but…there are many layers. A shift in culture would go a long way in removing the label of protectionism. Perhaps this is already happening. Yes, values at the top are key within the home and beyond...”

You are so right, Barbara, it’s often a case of power and control…

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