being heard will make you think differently


Sonya Barsness defines herself as a “revisionary gerontologist.”

A revisionist, she writes in the “about” part of her blog, is “an advocate of revision; a reviser; any advocate of doctrines, theories, or practices that depart from established authority or doctrine.”

“Revisionist historians re-interpret historical records or events. As a revisionist gerontologist I believe we need to change the paradigm of aging and dementia,” she says.

I couldn’t agree more — we ABSOLUTELY need to change the paradigm of aging and dementia. And I love Barsness’s blog “being heard.” She posts relatively infrequently, which is a good thing for people like me who are snowed under with emails, and when she does post, you can be sure the piece is something well worth reading, like this one entitled “The Faces of BPSD.”

Take a look. Have a listen. I bet being heard will make you think differently too…

take off the blindfolds and #BanBPSD: an open letter to the worldwide dementia community

7 problems with BPSD

the broken lens of BPSD: why we need to rethink the way we label the behaviour of people who live with alzheimer’s disease

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