Teepa Snow demos 10 first steps to calm & comfort a distressed person living with dementia


This four-and-a-half minute video by Teepa Snow (see below) demonstrates 10 easy steps to calm and comfort a distressed person living with dementia.

Truth be told, these practical actions would likely help calm and comfort anyone in distress:

  1. position yourself on the person’s dominant side
  2. useHand Under Hand™ (HUH™ video demo with Teepa here)
  3. pump hand you are holding (like a heartbeat)
  4. copy their breathing with emphasis on the exhale
  5. repeat issue using their words
  6. acknowledge & validate their emotions (more on validation here)
  7. mirror their emotional state
  8. calm & slow your own voice
  9. slow your breathing, continue emphasis on exhale (more on breathing here)
  10. check / confirm issue (e.g. you’re angry?)

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