son thanks pops’ caregiver bird at alzheimer’s end


Vince Zangaro is an extraordinary person. He’s cared for his “Pops” who lives with Alzheimer’s disease for fourteen years. During that time, he has developed deep and abiding love, compassion and a gentleness of spirit that have endeared him to care partners around the world.

Besides being the primary care partner to his father, Zangaro is a musician and the main driver behind the Alzheimer’s Music Fest. His posts and videos documenting the loving care he and his wife Amy give Pops inspire thousands.

Now, Zangaro and his family are approaching their final days together, and true to form, Vince takes time to recognize Chappie Bird, his father’s feathered friend. Here’s the Facebook post:

See a video of the Zangaro family caring together here.

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