grandpa drake the dragon teaches kids about dementia


Some people use the stuff that life hands them to create magic and beauty, while others see only despair and tragedy. Dr. Jennifer Bute is one of the magicians.

When she was diagnosed with early onset dementia, Dr. Bute began using her experience as a carer, a medical professional, and a patient to help people understand more about dementia. She produced a series of helpful videos as well as other resources that explain various aspects of dementia; you can access them on her blog (called “Glorious Opportunity”) here.

This video cartoon, developed in collaboration with Bute’s family, is narrated by her daughter Allison; it’s perfect for starting a conversation about dementia with young children:

The Dragon Story – Full HD from Kreativity on Vimeo.

Download the resources and discussion PDF that goes with the video here.

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